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There's an old saying on the net - "content is king". This was true before the internet, it was true at the start of the internet, and (except for a brief period at the beginning of the current internet boom! :) it is true today. The last few years have seen a burgeoning new crop of websites that are heavy on the "flash" and light on actual content. As long as the internet was seen as nothing more than a toy for the masses, this was acceptable, even expected. Now things are changing, and business has moved onto the net, BIG business. A new paradigm is needed.
Here it is...

"Changing the world. One click at a time..."

The concept for Primal Content has been growing on us for the last year or so. All of us have worked with internet start-ups and e-commerce outlets, and helping them through their "growth pains" has not been easy. Most of these firms started with an idea, a dream, but no real knowledge on how to implement them. We've helped these companies build their online stores, we've even built full-blown publishing systems for them, but most of them have not managed to keep up on the volume of new content they need to create a "portal". We can't blame them, they were all totally wrapped up in learning about inventory control, ordering logistics, and "just in time" delivery. Margins for these sites are tight, and the cost of acquiring new visitors is costly. Typically the funds and the drive to create an editorial and journalistic staff has not been available to them.

Our Vision
Our vision is simple, to dominate the acquisition and distribution of all digital content - be it text, images, video, stock quotes or shopping bargains. If it can and will be distributed electronically for commercial purposes, we aim to handle more of it than any other source on the planet.
Our Mission
We do not aim to build a website. Our goal is to become the prime source that other websites come to when they need to stock their new online ventures with the content that viewers demand. We will function in two roles, first as an agent for the vast numbers of individuals and companies that actually produce new content or possess a body of established content, and secondly as a vendor, selling this content to existing and emerging online ventures.

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