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We have built a system for acquiring, cataloguing, and
distributing content for resale.

Our content comes from many sources. Much of our database consists of media from the traditional publishing world that has never before been available for download on the internet. We also have access to many works from freelance journalists who have archives of previously unpublished material. We also accept content from the general public, and after going through a rigorous editorial process this content is also made available to our clients. Every article is checked for accuracy and quality, and heavily cross-referenced with the other articles in our database.

What does this mean for our clients? Our primary goal is to make our client sites "stickier", and to give them more repeat visitors. If you are a portal depending on advertisement revenue, more traffic to your site means more money for you and your investors. If you are an e-commerce outlet hoping to become a "vertical portal", you already realize that repeat visitors account for a majority of your sales! The biggest difference for you, as a client? People stay at your site longer, and return more frequently. This generates revenue. Our system is designed so that you need only modify one document on your website; this one page will keep calling in new articles from our database. A sidebar of "related" links will also be generated, providing even more coverage on the topics of your choice. The impression your visitors get is that your site has everything they need, all in one place.

We believe that the best way for businesses to survive on the internet today is to stick to their core competencies. What does this mean for our clients? If you are an e-commerce outlet, you've already learned the hard way how difficult it is to market and deliver products on the net. It's not just about having a beautiful and intuitive website; you also need to have some of the sharpest logistics around and you need to be masters of "just in time" deliveries - your margins are razor thin, and the cost per customer is already too high. Now that you've paid such a price for each new customer, how can you keep them here and get the most value (sales!) out of them? Certainly, operating as a vertical portal will snag visitors for you, but are you prepared to become authors and editors now? You'll be better off outsourcing this task to us. One of the best things about our payment model is that your fees are based on the amount of traffic you generate. If you're a start-up with no traffic yet the bills will be ridiculously small. As you ramp up and become more successful, the bills will get bigger, but always in keeping with your traffic and sales! We aim to create a system that allows for an easy and cheap entry into our service, that will grow as you grow, no quicker.

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