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Yes, we know what you do, and we also know what you need. The founders of Primal Content have all worked with the internet since at least 1994, some of us since the 80's in fact! Between us we have built dozens of e-commerce outlets, working as strategists, usabilty designers, information architects and system architects. We know what you're going through right now - margins are razor thin, marketing budgets are drying up, and investors are screaming for profits NOW!

How do you survive?

The core asumption we made early last year was that e-commerce was getting ready to be in for a world of trouble. (Yes yes, we know, sorry to remind you! At least we were thinking of you, hence this plan.) We asked ourselves, "how can e-commerce sites as they exist today survive?" The real trick to making money in retail, any kind of retail, is to sell to your regular customers. How do we translate the visitors you get into repeat visitors, and finally into customers? The answer is that e-commerce sites will be making the trasition from simple stores into Vertical Portals ("Vortals" - in netspeak.) What this means for you is that now you need to supply portal-like collection of news and articles, all geared towards your market niche!

The real question is "how can you do this with as small an investment as possible?" That was the question that Primal Content was designed to answer. We have information consultants ready to work with you and our content originators to create a custom stream of content that can make your site into an "instant portal". We will handle all of the technical aspects of delivering the articles and related links to more articles all from our servers, and all you will have to modify is one page on your existing website! No fancy server modifications, no expensive investments in new hardware, simply one page that needs modification. Your customers never leave your site, they just stay at your site longer.

Sound too good to be true?

It gets better. We can provide what you need, and your rates will be dependent on the amount of traffic your site generates off of our servers. If they don't read it, why should you pay for it? We also have plans to help you bolster your dwindling advertising revenues, contact us and let us show you how.

All of the tools and workflow for this are part of our system, code named "Primicon". Please register for the Primicon system now, one of our representatives will contact you for details of your capabilities and needs, we can craft a personal plan geared precisely to your needs.

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