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Yes, we know what you do, and we also know what you need. The founders of Primal Content have all worked with the internet since at least 1994, some of us since the 80's in fact! Between us we have built dozens of portals and information intensive websites, working as consultants. Some of our clients did things right and some of them did not, but we've learned what works and what does not - we learned it the hard way.

What do you really need?

You don't just need "a bunch of articles", you need the right bunch of articles. You also need more than just the typical collection of news, sports, weather and stock quotes. What makes you different, what makes you the best? In depth, personalized articles about what your viewers care about! We can provide that for you, without the cost of setting up your own journalistic and editorial departments. What's that, you already *have* your own content department? We can add to the mix at a cost effective level. We will help you craft different catalogs of different types of articles fed to you in a steady stream direct from our servers, wrapped in your own format, and hosted off your own domain!

Let us help you. We can provide what you need, and your rates will be dependent on the amount of traffic your site generates off of our servers. If they don't read it, why should you pay for it? We also have plans to help you bolster your dwindling advertising revenues, contact us and let us show you how. It's a jungle out there, and we can help you survive.

All of the tools and workflow for this are part of our system, code named "Primicon". Please register for the Primicon system now, one of our representatives will contact you for details of your capabilities and needs, we can craft a personal plan geared precisely to your needs.

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