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If this is one of your specialties, you probably understand the scope and scale of what we are building here, and the sheer volume of editorial work we will be generating as time goes by. If you have these skills, we are interested in you in one of several possible roles. On the one hand, we are always in need of additions to our editorial staff, in-house. Drop us a note ASAP, we need to hear from you! On the other hand:

Help mentor new talents

We also have freelance opportunities available, with editors and senior journalists working as editors in charge of groups of younger writers in need of guidance. As a freelance editor in our system, you get the opportunity to earn a percentage of all the sales that the writers under your tutelage earn. Since we are committed to selling, and RE-selling these works as widely as possible, such freelance work can be earning you a steady income in addition to your regular salaries.

All of the tools and workflow for this are part of our system, code named "Primicon". Please register for the Primicon system now and we will contact you to discuss the opportunities available to you.

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