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How many times have you written an article with the best of intentions, only to find that the publication it was geared for isn't going to print it after all? How many times have you written articles on "spec" and never sold them? (Just how big *is* that box of unsold material under your bed anyway?) Do you wonder if you could get your works published more often if only you could get the exposure? Now's your chance.

Distribute your material worldwide

We've built a system to help you distribute your material two ways, while getting paid at every step along the way! We've created a single "point source" where you can store and distribute your articles, and where they can be viewed by publishers worldwide. We will sell your articles for you, first with online distribution through multiple channels, always with your byline and copyrights intact; you get paid more the more frequently your article is seen and read. We also provide a back-end platform where conventional print publishers can browse through a carefully categorized database of articles for publication, yours among them.

Retain ownership and control of your work

We are creative individuals ourselves, and as such we are firmly commited to personal ownership, and the protection thereof. Allow us to make this as clear as possible: WE WANT TO HELP YOU PROTECT YOUR COPYRIGHTS. What's yours is yours; you've earned it and we respect that. What we *do* want from you is the re-distribution rights for your work. We will make money as you make money, it's that simple.

Our goal is to help you distribute your material as widely as possible. As your personal collection of data accumulates within the system, you will be able to track exactly how often each piece has been seen each month, and how much money you have earned. Ideally, you will be receiving a check from us each month, every month for as long as we work together. All of the tools and workflow for this are part of our system, code named "Primicon". Please register for the Primicon system now, we'll have you up and running with your own custom interface our database.

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