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While much of our focus appears to be on journalists and individuals, the core of our system is perfectly designed to help you maximize the value of your archives of previously published articles and out-of-print volumes. Selected excerpts from your currently published works can also be sold online alongside these other unpublished works, allowing you to gain a new revenue stream and exposure for your imprint.

Get free marketing while earning new revenues

Since all of our works published online will have complete descriptive bios linked to them, this exposure can not only earn you extra incomes, but it will function as a marketing tool for your existing published works! Any individual readers who reads your article can learn more about you on the site where the article appears, and from there they can be linked back to your own website. Another interesting side-benefit of this service is that we will fascilitate the translation of all of your archived data into a consistent and scaleable XML format for a wide variety of uses. Get the full value from your existing material!

All of the tools and workflow for this are part of our system, code named "Primicon". Please register for the Primicon system now. One of our representatives will contact you for details of your capabilities and needs, we can craft a personal plan geared precisely to your needs.

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